Austrians (Part 1)

Have you ever met an Austrian? Been to Austria?

Check this out – it is in West Austria (far, far away from Vienna’s coffee culture):

view from the top of a mountain, hohe kugel, vorarlberg

Hohe Kugel, Vorarlberg

So, what’s it like to live there? What do we know about Austrians?

Austrians love playing their musical instruments, indeed they spend about 3 hours daily doing that. If they’ve finished playing for the day, they can be spotted in the mountains. Just keep your eyes open for “Lederhosen”. Hiking is an important activity to keep this species going and the occasional cuddling of cows helps maintaining their friendliness.

The main diet of an Austrian includes chocolate, coffee, dairy products like cheese and milk, cake and Schnitzel. This can all be found directly at the farmer’s next door.

Austria is also famous for skiing and the Apres Ski parties and Red Bull – funny enough though no one associates that evil drink with this small country.

Austrian for beginners – the meanings of “Na”:
Naaa = no
Na! = that can’t be true!
Na, eh = exactly!
Na ja = oh well, I’m not bothered
Na? = Who are you?
Na? = Why are you here?
Na? = What are you doing?
Na? = How are you feeling?
Na? = What are you thinking?
Na? = well, what are you waiting for?
Na net na na = you are pointing out the obvious, my friend

( Source: + contributions from real, cow-cuddling, tree hugging Austrians)


Are you going to Austria soon?

– Austrians communicate via yodelling. Make sure you’re fluent before coming to this country!
– watch out for the kangaroos: thousands have found their way to Austria, after having misread the road signs in Australia.
– don’t get kidnapped, otherwise a long life in a cellar awaits you.



Just so you know, it’s actually a really gorgeous place.

wunderschoenes Stubaital

Stubaital, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

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