Track Of The Week – Bastille

This week’s Track Of The Week is is by Bastille. How can anyone not these young and upcoming musicians?

Bastille perform at The Institute, Birmingham

The following song is called Icarus (acoustic version). We’re loving the rhythm here! Let us know what you think.


Bastille – Icarus


Oh Tesco!

Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between a bike and a walking aid…at least for some of us!

tesco refuses boy with walking aid

Black Death Squirrels in California

Have you seen about the Black Death Squirrels found in Cali?

Here’s the BBC article: Plague squirrel causes park closure in California

black death squirrel

Black Death Squirrel

Should you bump into one just make sure you wash yourself in vinegar and rose water, just like in the Middle Ages. (medieval treatments)

Alternatively…call a doctor.

Good luck.

Track Of The Week – Macklemore

This week’s Track Of The Week is by Macklemore. His songs Thrift Shop and Can’t Hold Us are well-known and currently all over the radio; however, the track we’re introducing this week is not quite as famous.

Ben Haggerty, his stage name is Macklemore, has written an incredibly deep and touching song before the same-sex marriage debate. Now this human right finally has been acknowledged and it is law that same-sex couples can get married in England and Wales.

Therefore let’s have a toast on Macklemore, and not just because of the message – the tunes are pretty awesome too!

Macklemore – Same Love


Let’s also have a toast on the Costa Rican politicians, who accidentally approved same-sex marriage too….

Lego Cars And Other Creations

Doesn’t it suck when you walk back to your good old Volvo and this is what you find:

red Lego car

Just saying. Lego is AWESOME.

I also love this elephant:

Lego Elephant

Here are some more great creations on Mashable – or tweet us yours?

Track Of The Week – Everything Everything

This week’s Track Of The Week is Kemosabe by Everything Everything. This piece of music is a beautiful creation with well thought-through details. I love the beat of this song, and if you listen to it 4-5 times and put the focus on the background, you’ll discover amazing tunes.

Here’s Kemosabe by Everything Everything:

Rice and Technology

Today I’ve read about the newest Smartphone Battery Tech, which is apparently rice! Yummy.

Rice husks, Source:

Does that mean that, if you’re hungry, you can just eat your phone battery?

NO. Unfortunately not. The rice husks aren’t edible. Too bad, but it would still be quite cool to turn a waste product into something useful, à la food recycling.

Check out the whole article on Wired here: Rice and Tech