The World’s Cutest Spiders

Here they are – the Cutest Spiders ever!

Didn’t think they existed? …scroll through the following images and tell me that these eyes can’t convince you…


How dare you!!! Don’t make me angry…

angry spider

Angry Spider (source:

What just happened?!

astonished spider

Astonished Spider (source:

WAHEEEE – this is such a good day!

cute spider

Happy Spider (Source:

And this one…

Truthful spider eyes

Truthful spider eyes (Source: Wikimedia)

Reminds us of Puss in Boots…

Puss In Boots

Puss In Boots (source:

Ooooh what is it???

nosy spider

Nosy Spider…. (source:


begging spider

Begging Spider (source:

Hmmm….I’m a bit nervous, you know.

cute nervous spider

Nervous Spider (source:

Hide! No one will see me…

Spider hiding

Spider hiding (Source: Flickr)

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