The World’s Cutest Donkeys!

Everyone likes lists of cute animals towards the end of the week. Especially when all you can find is cut pumpkins and people dressed up as zombies. YES, our Halloween post is ABOUT DONKEYS. Cute donkeys.

So here they are: the cutest donkeys on this planet!

Half sheep, half donkey!?

Baby Donkey

Baby Donkey (Source:

I will be a majestic horse! One day…just wait…

Baby Donkey alias Majestic Horse

Baby Donkey alias Majestic Horse (Source:

So will I!

Cute Donkey Running

Cute Donkey Running (Source:

Whatcha doin? Can you pull this face? baaaaaaaa

Wanna cuddle???

Cute Cuddly Donkey

Cute Cuddly Donkey (Source:

Friends 4 LIFE!

Donkey + Horse

Donkey + Horse (Source:

I need a hair cut!

Poitou Donkey

Poitou Donkey (Source:


…and not to forget … DONKEY!


This has made me really tired, I might take a nap…

Yawning Donkey

Yawning Donkey (Source:

Same here! Nap time. Have a good one!

Lying Donkey

Lying Donkey (Source:

“Gerald, what are these people doing?” – “I don’t know, Linda, just look cute and copy what I do…they might give us some food!”

Cute Donkeys

Cute Donkeys (Source:


Happy Halloween! (Maybe dress up as a donkey this year?!)

Track of the Week – Thumpers

After an amazing performance at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire yesterday, Thumpers (& friends) definitely deserve special mention!

The Londoner Indie Pop / Experimental Duo released their first single “Dancing’s Done” in February 2013 and their next one, “Sound of Screams”, will be released on Monday, October 21st.


Thumpers (Source:


Add this song to your playlist and enjoy!


Thumpers – Dancing’s Done


More information on their website:

The rise of fascism: Concentration Camps in Greece.

Whilst the news in the UK continues to report on world crises in Syria, terror attacks around the globe and the ever antagonistic relations between the USA and Russia, there has been little or no mention (bar of course, the awful murder of Killah P, rumoured to have been killed by Greek political party Golden Dawn) of the nazi-esque concentration camps of Greece. As modern writers many journalists including myself tend to throw about comparisons between the modern world and atrocities that were conducted in (and especially led to) World War Two. Unfortunately, here we have yet another comparable event taking place in Greece. Golden Dawn have opened concentration camps for people who do not fit their ideology, using the pretence that these camps being some sort of immigrant sorting office. A sorting office where inhabitants are denied leave and basic human rights. This blog post here not only deserves reblogging but sharing also. Let’s get talking about what the news don’t show us.


greek flag

I’ve passed comment on the situation in Greece in previous blog entries but I was unaware of the full scale of what exactly was going on until today. In March 2012 it was announced that Greek Officials had given the go ahead for up to 30 detention style camps to be opened to house illegal immigrants who would be processed for eventual deportation. The move came as a means to control the social chaos consuming Greece after the collapse of the country’s economy. The official justification for the move is that with an influx of immigrants came a huge jump in crime figures and that a fast response is the best way to deal with the crisis. At the time the move was criticised as resembling Nazi Concentration Camps and the rhetoric was seen as a means to raise a climate of hatred and fear against immigrants and Foreigners. That…

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Track of the Week – Austra

We’ve got a new Track of the Week for you today! It’s because it’s pretty addictive and we I can’t stop listening to it. Electropop, bright elated vocals with some…slightly worried lyrics. Yes, Austra don’t want to lose it!

A few of you might know the track already, it’s come out a few years ago but since the “uprising” of Chvrches we thought we’d dig it out again.

Enjoy the track 🙂

The Cutest Bats EVER

Exclusively for YOU we have prepared another these-animals-can’t-be-cute-but-oh-look! – post. This time we’ll be looking at the cutest bats you can find! Enjoy.

“George? Why is everyone taking pictures?” “I don’t know, Billy, just…tilt your head a little and look cute”

Cute Baby Bats in Pockets

Cute Baby Bats in Pockets (Source:


Hey there! I’m just hanging around!

Cute Bat

Peekaboo! (Source:


Look at this poor little baby bat orphan, what a cute little thing:

Cute Baby Bat

Cute Baby Bat (Source:


No chance for this one here…

Puss in Boots big Eyes

Puss in Boots


I’m a gymnast! Uhm…I really am!

Cute Gymnastics Bat

Gymnastics Bat (Source:


Everyone loves a back massage…right?!

Cute Bat Massage

Bat Massage (Source:


One day I will be known as Dracula…

Aspiring Dracula Bat

Aspiring Dracula Bat (Source:


And here’s another ridiculously photogenic bat.



Ridiculously Photogenic Waving Bat

Waving Bat (Source:

Amazing Tech Prank for Carrie

Do you believe in the supernatural? What if you walk into a coffee shop and someone levitates a man in mid-air?

We have found this great Tech Prank for the film Carrie – enjoy!


Here’s the full article by the Huffington Post: Tech Prank Carrie

Track Of The Week – Arctic Monkeys

AM - Arctic Monkeys

AM – Arctic Monkeys

The Arctic Monkeys have just released their newest single Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?. So far it has led to different reactions among the audiences, some love it, some hate it! Inspired by this release we have decided that this week’s Track Of The Week will be from their album, which also features Do I Wanna Know?, No. 1 Party Anthem.

The Arctic Monkeys – they want to be the biggest band in the world – are definitely on the right way, but will it really ever be the case?


Here it is – our Track Of The Week:

Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine? 


We’re dying to know whether you like this album! Let us know below!