Astrology – All About Aquarius

Aquarius – the fixed air sign and weirdo of the Zodiac.



This sign is definitely one of the more interesting Sun Signs, and even if Aquarius is your Ascendant or Moon Sign (explained here: Astrology – All About Taurus), it will influence your everyday life. Aquarians really appreciate their own time. In reality they are so detached, their friends won’t even be worried if they haven’t heard from them in weeks. If you spot a person alone at an event, the cinema, a gig – it’s an Aquarius. They usually don’t really mind going by themselves. Yes, they’re very independent, sometimes a bit too much for others to handle.

Aquarians like to talk. Indeed, they always direct the conversation towards a subject they know inside out and then you’ll realise that YOU KNOW NOTHING. Aquarians are very eccentric and it’s like they are the masters of bridging. They are very eloquent people and they like showing it off. They LOVE having different opinions from everyone else. Aquarius likes intelligence a lot, so even if you’re the Hunchback of Notre Dame – just give it a go! As long as you’ve got brains, you’re safe.

Aquarius is a thinker, they like to see things from a different perspective, but because they often wonder how life could have been if they did things differently, they are always searching. A lot of them will be searching all their lives…searching for something that doesn’t exist. Generally, they’re very friendly, happy people though and they make friends easily. Aquarians can be friends with the local bus driver, your dentist or your mum. They like to have different friendship groups instead of just hanging out with the same friends and therefore merge into one person. The perfect job for an Aquarius is somewhere in the humanitarian sector or in communications. Maybe not so much in PR or as representative for a client, they might just turn their back on a client, suddenly feeling the need to rebel.


Aquarius can be found:

– a crowd is protesting for human rights in Namibia: Aquarius is the first one to start the demo off.

– someone’s walking down the road in an outfit not even hippies would have called fashion. That’s the Aquarius.

– sex shops: Aquarians are very playful, hence toys are a must-have…

– the green-head in the crowd!

– independent cinemas: they like to be different!

Aquarius Top 10

Aquarius Top 10

How to grab an Aquarius’ attention:

– be different. No matter in which way. Maybe bring your pet goat with you. Be creative!

– always remain mysterious, so they will always find you interesting – i.e. don’t ever tell them your real name.

– start talking about seemingly weird topics like methane hydrate, they will be fascinated!

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