The Cutest Bats EVER

Exclusively for YOU we have prepared another these-animals-can’t-be-cute-but-oh-look! – post. This time we’ll be looking at the cutest bats you can find! Enjoy.

“George? Why is everyone taking pictures?” “I don’t know, Billy, just…tilt your head a little and look cute”

Cute Baby Bats in Pockets

Cute Baby Bats in Pockets (Source:


Hey there! I’m just hanging around!

Cute Bat

Peekaboo! (Source:


Look at this poor little baby bat orphan, what a cute little thing:

Cute Baby Bat

Cute Baby Bat (Source:


No chance for this one here…

Puss in Boots big Eyes

Puss in Boots


I’m a gymnast! Uhm…I really am!

Cute Gymnastics Bat

Gymnastics Bat (Source:


Everyone loves a back massage…right?!

Cute Bat Massage

Bat Massage (Source:


One day I will be known as Dracula…

Aspiring Dracula Bat

Aspiring Dracula Bat (Source:


And here’s another ridiculously photogenic bat.



Ridiculously Photogenic Waving Bat

Waving Bat (Source:

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