The rise of fascism: Concentration Camps in Greece.

Whilst the news in the UK continues to report on world crises in Syria, terror attacks around the globe and the ever antagonistic relations between the USA and Russia, there has been little or no mention (bar of course, the awful murder of Killah P, rumoured to have been killed by Greek political party Golden Dawn) of the nazi-esque concentration camps of Greece. As modern writers many journalists including myself tend to throw about comparisons between the modern world and atrocities that were conducted in (and especially led to) World War Two. Unfortunately, here we have yet another comparable event taking place in Greece. Golden Dawn have opened concentration camps for people who do not fit their ideology, using the pretence that these camps being some sort of immigrant sorting office. A sorting office where inhabitants are denied leave and basic human rights. This blog post here not only deserves reblogging but sharing also. Let’s get talking about what the news don’t show us.


greek flag

I’ve passed comment on the situation in Greece in previous blog entries but I was unaware of the full scale of what exactly was going on until today. In March 2012 it was announced that Greek Officials had given the go ahead for up to 30 detention style camps to be opened to house illegal immigrants who would be processed for eventual deportation. The move came as a means to control the social chaos consuming Greece after the collapse of the country’s economy. The official justification for the move is that with an influx of immigrants came a huge jump in crime figures and that a fast response is the best way to deal with the crisis. At the time the move was criticised as resembling Nazi Concentration Camps and the rhetoric was seen as a means to raise a climate of hatred and fear against immigrants and Foreigners. That…

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