The World’s Cutest Donkeys!

Everyone likes lists of cute animals towards the end of the week. Especially when all you can find is cut pumpkins and people dressed up as zombies. YES, our Halloween post is ABOUT DONKEYS. Cute donkeys.

So here they are: the cutest donkeys on this planet!

Half sheep, half donkey!?

Baby Donkey

Baby Donkey (Source:

I will be a majestic horse! One day…just wait…

Baby Donkey alias Majestic Horse

Baby Donkey alias Majestic Horse (Source:

So will I!

Cute Donkey Running

Cute Donkey Running (Source:

Whatcha doin? Can you pull this face? baaaaaaaa

Wanna cuddle???

Cute Cuddly Donkey

Cute Cuddly Donkey (Source:

Friends 4 LIFE!

Donkey + Horse

Donkey + Horse (Source:

I need a hair cut!

Poitou Donkey

Poitou Donkey (Source:


…and not to forget … DONKEY!


This has made me really tired, I might take a nap…

Yawning Donkey

Yawning Donkey (Source:

Same here! Nap time. Have a good one!

Lying Donkey

Lying Donkey (Source:

“Gerald, what are these people doing?” – “I don’t know, Linda, just look cute and copy what I do…they might give us some food!”

Cute Donkeys

Cute Donkeys (Source:


Happy Halloween! (Maybe dress up as a donkey this year?!)

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