The Cutest Snails on Earth

We have proven that spiders can be cute – now it’s on the snails to convince us!  

Hiya! Nice to meet you!!

Cute African Snail

African Snail (Source:

“Mummy, can we ..” “Sure darling” “..and…and” “Yes, my love”

Cute Mother Snail Baby Snail

Cute Mother Snail with Baby Snail (Source:

One day I’ll be a delivery snail and no one stops me from it!

Cute Travel Snail

Cute Travel Snail (Source:

“Mum, I don’t like water” “Come one, it’s not even tentacle-deep!”

Cute Snail Family

Snail Family (Source:

“Gimme a ride, dude!” “This is slavery!”

Turtle-surfing Snail

Turtle-surfing Snail (Source:

OMG what is this? I shouldn’t have stepped into it waaaa

Cute Snail

Cute Snail (Source:

Huh? What’s happening? I need to see this…

Cute Nosy Snail

Nosy Snail (Source:

“Humans are so much work…you need to walk them every day!”

Snail Walk

Let’s go on a snail walk! (Source:

Aaaah…itchy bum…

Cute snail itchy

Cute snail itchy (Source:

Gimme a snail hug!

Cute snail hug

Cute snail hug (Source:


Pfff I don’t even get mentioned. No – I’m not always grumpy! Bah.

Waving Snail Adventure Time

Adventure Time (Source:

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