Track of the Week – Lily Allen

Finally! She’s made it. Of course she has, since her come back it’s only been a matter of time until Lily Allen would appear on this blog because WE SIMPLY LOVE HER. After Hard Out Here this has been the most recent release: Air Ballon. We are addicted to it!

Here you go, join in and jump on the band wagon. Discover the light tunes and let Lily Allen take you away, up, up in the air…


Lily Allen – Air Balloon

Conspiracy Theories: Does Facebook use Subliminal Advertising?

Does Facebook use Subliminal Advertising? Take a minute to check your inbox and let us know whether you have had similar experiences!

Our very own version of Valentine’s Day…

Last week was Valentine’s Day – most people rushed out to get cards or a bunch of roses for their loved ones, but why only do this one day a year? I think it’s often about the mindful little things in life. Why not brighten up someone’s Sunday with a little message?

Magical Life - take five minutes to express your appreciation

Show someone how grateful you are to have them in your life…

thank you

And a very special one for very special people…

Love Heart

I want to take this as an opportunity to say thank you to someone who means a lot to me!

LSW, the above is for you. Thank you for being part of my life! You make me smile whenever I think about you…I hope we experience many adventures together on our amazing journey…let me know when you read this message, I’d like to invite you over for a nice and relaxed dinner 🙂 

Share the love and magic #MagicalLife

Paddy Power Get Lucky At The Brits With Dummy Daft Punks

A brilliant PR stunt at the Brit Awards yesterday!

The below is a blog post taken from Taylor Herring‘s Blog.



(Full set of pictures here)

London, Thursday 20/02/14:

Paddy Power, the A list bookmaker, caused a sensation on the MasterCard Brit Awards red carpet last night with their very own Daft Punk lookalikes who, after mingling with pop royalty, surprised onlookers by whipping off their trousers Chippendale style to reveal a fetching pair of Paddy Power’s world famous Lucky Pants.

Daft Punk

(via OK)

Daft Punk stripping

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Daft Punk Paddy Power lucky pants

(via OK)

Kitted out in Daft Punk’s trademark helmets and flanked by a pair of faux PR floozies, the pair breezed in front of the world’s media without raising so much as a sniff of suspicion from the O2’s burley looking security team before pulling off the biggest Brit upset since Jarvis Cocker moonied Wacko Jacko way back in 1996.


Daft Punk Paddy Power lucky pants

Paddy Power said: “We agree with what Noel Gallagher said about the Brits last year.  The event could do with a bit more craic.  It’s about as rock’n’roll as a baby shower.  We decided to drop our trousers early and get out of there as our Daft Punk lookalikes were gagging to get to the pub to watch the Arsenal game.  We tried to take One Direction with us but they didn’t have any ID.”

Daft Punk

It’s not the first time Paddy’s pants have had an airing on the world stage after Nicklas Bendtner revealed his supreme taste in men’s undergarments during Euro 2012.

Paddy Power will be releasing a ‘behind the scenes’ video, including footage direct from the red carpet, at 10am on Thursday 20th February on the Paddy Power blog.


Coca-Cola Social Media Guard

Ever caught yourself tweeting whilst you were having a coffee with your bestie? Almost got run over by a car because you were updating your Facebook status?

If this sounds familiar Coke has the perfect solution for you. It will change your life…and it looks great!


Track of the Week – Papa vs Pretty

We’ve stumbled upon this beautiful track on YouTube after Papa vs Pretty’s Twitter account grabbed our attention. Have a listen, these beautiful instrumentals are worth the 4 minutes 35 seconds of your time and more!


Papa vs Pretty – My Life Is Yours