Frants – The World’s First Ant-Friendly Running Shoe

The average person kills about 16 ants during a 30-minute run in the woods. Finally a brand has stepped forward to stop this animal cruelty.



In collaboration with some of the World’s most sought after fitness experts, Frants have developed running shoes for animal friendly fitness freaks.

The shoe soles have specifically been developed to offer stability to the joints of athletes, whilst the integrated soft patches protect ants from being crushed. The highly innovative PRECAIR™ technology adapts to the body of ants and bounces off the areas next to the little animals. The shoes have been tested and proven safe for ants by runners up to 19 stone.


Frants - Ant-Friendly Running Shoes

Frants – Ant-Friendly Running Shoes


Ann Jacques, CEO of Frants, states that this new development will reform the fitness and sportswear market. “So far none of the brands have really considered some of the smallest members on this planet, ants, and their rights to be alive and walk the paths in the forests without the threat of being crushed by a runner.”

The project has been on Kickstarter for only 3 days, and already more than a third of the funds have been raised. With 42 days to go this is one of the most promising projects in the UK.

The brand name derives from the slogan “Be Friends with Ants, don’t squash them.”



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