Track of the Week – Heathers

This week’s Track of the Week goes to…Heathers! Listen to this wonderful song, it’s a treat for your ears and mind. Addictive.




Toddler runs away from home, found stuck inside claw machine playing with toys

Awkward. First of all, you can’t find your kid…and then this. Can’t get it out there without attracting attention!

Track of the Week – Bombay Bicycle Club

Listen to this wonderful song, taken from Bombay Bicycle Club‘s fourth album So Long, See You Tomorrow.


Bombay Bicycle Club – Luna





Nothing to see here, just a Cute Dog doing a Handstand

Friday – it’s the weekend! Well. Almost. Enjoy watching this cutie of a Pomeranian!

Create Your Future With The Law Of Attraction

Are you familiar with the Law of Attraction? Do you sometimes feel like nothing falls into place, and that, when you have a bad day, everything just turns against you? Alternatively – when you feel happy, do you find that everything just works out effortlessly?

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction (Source:

The Law of Attraction is just like the Law of Gravity, or any other natural law. The fact that we don’t see something, or have immediate results, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

This is a video about one of the most astounding facts about the Universe, taken from an article on

You’re not only part of the universe, the Universe is part of you – so why wouldn’t there be a connection?

If you’re familiar with The Secret, you will have heard the principles in this book before, but, it is always good to refresh the knowledge you have and keep in tune with the frequency you want to be on.

Know what I’m talking about? Whether you do, or you don’t: it’s definitely worth a listen. Or a read.


I have decided to put the link to the audiobook on here, because I feel like everyone should know about it.