Eurovision Song Contest 2014 – Austria

WATCH OUT – this blog contains imagery that could potentially turn you gay.

Conchita Wurst

Conchita Wurst

Right. I know the name is weird, Conchita Wurst (translated Conchita Sausage) and the looks are quite unique, but just leave Conchita alone! No, we’re not talking about Britney.

Anti-gay Russia has been raging about the Austrian contestant at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 and they’re not the only ones. The main concerns of people are their children. Children shouldn’t be exposed to a “guy dressing like a woman” because it’s abnormal. Well, I’m wearing jeans all day and no one’s called me a guy yet, so why can’t this fella wear a dress if he wants? Anyway, Austria, the fairly conservative country, is hereby showing their support for the LGBT community, it might be humour, or maybe even just a fair vote for the right candidate with a good voice, no matter what the looks are.


Here’s a little comic that is very true, watch out – it contains SHOCKING imagery.

Gay Comic

Gay Comic

True, as this comic shows, ALL spectators will turn into transgendered people or cross-dressers. Too late now, you’ve seen it. Sorry!


Please let us know if you suddenly feel any changes in your sexual preference. We dearly apologise if it affected you. Actually, never mind – if that’s the case, you’ve been a closet all along.


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