All About Capricorn

Let’s learn something about goats today! Actually, following our rant about Taurus and Aquarius, let’s talk about Capricorn.



Capricorns are often described as ambitious, but responsible. …stop judging right away, that doesn’t mean boring (not always, anyway). This earth sign is very disciplined and dependable. However, Capricorn can often be narrow-minded and only see the world in black and white, rather than appreciating the 50 shades of grey, rainbows, and all the other colours there are. Put into context, a lot of Capricorns have a “right” approach and everyone else should be approaching life in the same way as they do. Again – this doesn’t mean that Capricorns don’t have a sense of humour – indeed, you might even get a glimpse of it once you’ve known them long enough (if you haven’t run off before that). Ten years or so should do!

Capricorns can be helpful and generous, but at the same time they’ve got some tendencies to turn into control freaks. Possibly. So – if your house mate is a Capricorn – watch out for the cameras and microphones, they’ll want to know EVERYTHING about you in order to rule the house hold. Make sure you always wear a towel in the shower.

Capricorns often lack confidence in their own attractiveness, which can lead to “people pleasing behaviour”. Now now, little Capricorn – on your journey to rule the world, people pleasing is probably not the ideal path to choose! Indeed, Capricorns are believed to be good people for positions of power, since they stick to what’s right and don’t make any exceptions.

Cheer up little Capricorn, life isn’t all that serious and gloomy!


Date - two cups with hearts


The perfect date for a Capricorn:

Due to a certain lack of spontaneity most Capricorns have, it is recommended to schedule your date approximately 2-3 months in advance. Make sure you abide by all rules there are in society and legislation, best is if you’re a policeman. During your date, do talk about work throughout the whole evening, that way the Capricorn can see that you are determined as well. Also show them that you’re serious about life and your date by bringing along a draft of a contract, in case you ever get married, and show them that you are a reliable and dependable partner by presenting bank statements of the past few years. Just like the other earth signs, Capricorns react a bit slow towards change, therefore ideally get a Beatles-esque haircut and voila – you’ll be the perfect match for the goat.

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