Pokemon to blame for homosexuality, claims church – SERIOUSLY?

There has not only been an increased number of pollen in the air recently – the amount of stupidity though would probably knock even the healthiest of us out.


(Picture: Pokemon) Provocative drawings, or just a children’s cartoon? (Picture: Pokemon)

A church has allegedly blamed Pokemon for encouraging homosexuality.

Teenagers from the late 80s and early 90s have had their sexuality warped by Ash and his fruity friends, claims a study by the Creflo Dollar Ministry.

It’s preposterous, really, I mean how could anyone picture Pokemon as anything more than just a children’s cartoon?

Take Slowpoke. His name is not at all sexual…

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)

And Bellsprout’s mouth is not at all suggestive.

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)

Beedrill’s hands look nothing like love aids.

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)

And Squirtle’s name definitely doesn’t sound like a genre of porn.

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)

Nor do the weapons Blastoise has strapped to his back look at all phallic.

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)

And whatever Gloom has been up to is definitely not suspicious at all.

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)

Bulbasaur doesn’t look like he has an incredible breast on his back.

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)


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