Europe According to Vladimir Putin

Well, let’s see how horrible Europe really is…

Europe according to Putin

Europe according to Putin (Source:

What’s Happening In Switzerland?!

All eyes are on Russia: the fight for LGBT rights is going on in Eastern Europe, but we shouldn’t forget what’s going on in one of the more tolerant countries in the middle of Europe: Switzerland.

Switzerland / Suisse / Schweiz

Switzerland (Source:

Recent discussions in the Swiss Federal Council suggested a change of laws that would heavily affect LGBT rights of Swiss citizens.

The law proposal was made to protect “families” and heterosexual couples from high taxes. The CVP (Christian Democratic People’s Party), who initiated the change, approached all Swiss citizens to show their support.

Swiss Media have been fairly quiet about the whole issue, but LGBT communities and organisations are raging.

Switzerland has always been seen as an advanced, tolerant country – decriminalising homosexuality in 1942, although only legalising homosexual partnerships in 2005. In case the Swiss population chooses to support the suggested law, Switzerland would put itself in the same position as Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. Considering previous situations of the country, this would mean a huge step back.

A press release mutually published by the Green Party, Swiss Party, GLP, SVP and FDP suggested that the discriminating law should not be included in the Swiss constitution.

We will keep you updated on the issue. Meanwhile – make some noise!

You can read the German article here: Schweiz Plant Verbot der Homo-Ehe

The rise of fascism: Concentration Camps in Greece.

Whilst the news in the UK continues to report on world crises in Syria, terror attacks around the globe and the ever antagonistic relations between the USA and Russia, there has been little or no mention (bar of course, the awful murder of Killah P, rumoured to have been killed by Greek political party Golden Dawn) of the nazi-esque concentration camps of Greece. As modern writers many journalists including myself tend to throw about comparisons between the modern world and atrocities that were conducted in (and especially led to) World War Two. Unfortunately, here we have yet another comparable event taking place in Greece. Golden Dawn have opened concentration camps for people who do not fit their ideology, using the pretence that these camps being some sort of immigrant sorting office. A sorting office where inhabitants are denied leave and basic human rights. This blog post here not only deserves reblogging but sharing also. Let’s get talking about what the news don’t show us.


greek flag

I’ve passed comment on the situation in Greece in previous blog entries but I was unaware of the full scale of what exactly was going on until today. In March 2012 it was announced that Greek Officials had given the go ahead for up to 30 detention style camps to be opened to house illegal immigrants who would be processed for eventual deportation. The move came as a means to control the social chaos consuming Greece after the collapse of the country’s economy. The official justification for the move is that with an influx of immigrants came a huge jump in crime figures and that a fast response is the best way to deal with the crisis. At the time the move was criticised as resembling Nazi Concentration Camps and the rhetoric was seen as a means to raise a climate of hatred and fear against immigrants and Foreigners. That…

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28 ways to be Austrian

Finally someone who understands Austria…well, for the most part. Who knows a lot about the stereotypical Austrian? Read this and you’ll know EVERYTHING about the country. I still am on holiday for another 2 weeks (in Austria) and I can confirm that I’ve seen three people brushing leaves off the pavement yesterday evening.

The claim that all Austrians like cows…is true, at least in the West.

caution cowsCaution. Cows.


Austrian Adaptation

In honour of the fact that this is my 28th post, on the week of my 28th birthday I feel its appropriate to celebrate that number with a short guide to the hilarious/awesome/crazy things i’ve noticed from my first year living in Austria. These are the little things you need to embrace to truly uncover your inner Austrian!

1.Be on time. They really, really like being on time. The Germans and the Swiss have the more famous reputation but God help you if you’re not on time to meet an Austrian. For an Austrian, to be 5 minutes early  is to be on time. You have been warned!

2. Speak Austrian Deutsch. The language spoken here is technically German, but an Austrian variety. So a Potato is an Kartoffeln in Deutsch, but Erdäpfel in Austrian. German apricots are Aprikose, Austrian ones are Marillen, German tomatoes are Tomaten, a

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Austrians (Part 1)

Have you ever met an Austrian? Been to Austria?

Check this out – it is in West Austria (far, far away from Vienna’s coffee culture):

view from the top of a mountain, hohe kugel, vorarlberg

Hohe Kugel, Vorarlberg

So, what’s it like to live there? What do we know about Austrians?

Austrians love playing their musical instruments, indeed they spend about 3 hours daily doing that. If they’ve finished playing for the day, they can be spotted in the mountains. Just keep your eyes open for “Lederhosen”. Hiking is an important activity to keep this species going and the occasional cuddling of cows helps maintaining their friendliness.

The main diet of an Austrian includes chocolate, coffee, dairy products like cheese and milk, cake and Schnitzel. This can all be found directly at the farmer’s next door.

Austria is also famous for skiing and the Apres Ski parties and Red Bull – funny enough though no one associates that evil drink with this small country.

Austrian for beginners – the meanings of “Na”:
Naaa = no
Na! = that can’t be true!
Na, eh = exactly!
Na ja = oh well, I’m not bothered
Na? = Who are you?
Na? = Why are you here?
Na? = What are you doing?
Na? = How are you feeling?
Na? = What are you thinking?
Na? = well, what are you waiting for?
Na net na na = you are pointing out the obvious, my friend

( Source: + contributions from real, cow-cuddling, tree hugging Austrians)


Are you going to Austria soon?

– Austrians communicate via yodelling. Make sure you’re fluent before coming to this country!
– watch out for the kangaroos: thousands have found their way to Austria, after having misread the road signs in Australia.
– don’t get kidnapped, otherwise a long life in a cellar awaits you.



Just so you know, it’s actually a really gorgeous place.

wunderschoenes Stubaital

Stubaital, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

Politics – Don’t Vote For Rats!

Isn’t this cat cute?

Morris the cat

No, this isn’t just another blog post about cute animals (we’ll save that for later). This cat is actually running for Mayor of the Mexican city Xalapa with the campaign slogan “Tired of Voting for Rats? Vote for a Cat.” He also promises to eat, sleep most of the day and donate his leftover litter to fill potholes. Morris, the apparently very honest candidate has already got 118,800 fans on his Facebook page and more than 6,000 followers on Twitter – this makes him more popular than the five human contenders.

After the empty promises of politicians Chamorro and a few friends put Morris forward as a candidate – and they weren’t the only ones! A bunch of other farm animals are also running for mayor:

– Chon the Donkey (Ciudad Juarez, which was the world’s most dangerous city for several years)
– Tina the Chicken (Tepic)
– Maya the Cat (Puebla)
– Tintan the Dog (Oaxaca City)

Besides a great followership on Social Media channels, Morris also has international supporters. Stubbs, the honorary mayor of Talkeetna in Alaska, has shown support for Morris by posting his fellow feline candidate’s spot campaign on its Facebook page. Yes, another cat.

What we learn from all this: treat your cat nice, one day it might rule the city…

Here’s a link to Morris’ Social Media sites:
– Facebook:
– Twitter:

And his website:

Canada (part 1)

Everyone likes a bit of a rant about other cultures, no? Or at least going on about funny facts. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at: Canada!

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Canada

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Canada

Who doesn’t love the friendly, sociable country above the United States?! Do you like Timbits, Poutine and Maple Syrup?

Canada has turned into a more and more popular travel destination, simply because…because of what? The beer? The food? The handicap places in front of the skating rink? Or the fact that a pizza can get to your house faster than an ambulance? We don’t know. However, should you ever think about traveling to Canada, have a look at these translations first:

The meanings of “eh”

Eh? = what did you say?
Eh? = what do you think?
EH? = something to say just to end a sentence.
Ehhhh!! = WOW!!
EH!? = what do you mean?
Eh?? = you’re joking!!!??
EH!! = Hello..(you off in the distance!!!)
Eh? = want a doughnut or some Tim Bits?
Eh! = sure!!
Eh!Eh! = coffee double-cream too please!
Eh? = what you say when you realize you have no money to pay for it.
Eh..cmon, eh? = asking them to let you pay for it next time.! = want to go to the drive-in movie??
Eh…uhuh = yes sure!
Eh..y’know = I’ll pick you up at 8:00 (8:30 in Newfoundland).
Eh..cmon!! = well that’s early..but ok.
Eh..wanna? eh? = lets fool around …
EHHHHHHH = sounds coming from the car. eh… = I’m pregnant!
EH????????? = how did that happen?
EHHehhEHHehhEHHH = sounds from the delivery room.
EHHH-ehh, EHHH-ehh = baby’s first cry.
Ehh..whadya think eh? = marry me.

(source: + my own travel experience, eh)

We’ve now understood that the same thing can have different meanings – no wonder the country itself has its name from a misunderstanding! Exactly, some dude was only pointing at Quebec City, asking for the name of the city, but Jacques Cartier misunderstood the use of the word “Kanata” (village). Could be worse, couldn’t it?

Last, but not least, we have discovered some weird laws in the country of the Maple Leaf.

– In some places residents are not allowed to have an Internet connection faster than 56k – ouch!
– Do not paint your ladders when climbing on your roof….it might be slippery when wet – and that’s illegal (fair enough, only the best for every citizen).
– It is illegal to show public affection on Sunday – how do they define public affection?
– It is illegal to kill a sick person by frightening them – why, just why would anyone do that?!
– The city is classified as a no-pee zone.

We love them dearly.