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17 Annoying Things Vegetarians Are Sick Of Hearing


1. “So you just eat salad?”

"So you just eat salad?"


2. “I once went three days without eating meat.”

"I once went three days without eating meat."


3. “Where do you get your protein from?”

I actually cannot answer this question one more time.

4. “You know being vegetarian is really unhealthy.”

"You know being vegetarian is really unhealthy."

I’m really thankful for your professional opinion.

5. “How do you survive without bacon?”

"How do you survive without bacon?"

I have cookies.

6. “Can you still eat animal crackers?”

"Can you still eat animal crackers?"

L m a o.

7. “Just eat some meat!”

"Just eat some meat!"


8. “We were born to be carnivores.”

17 Annoying Things Vegetarians Are Sick Of Hearing

Well being a vegetarian is my choice.

9. “What’re you gonna do if I wave this meat in front of your face? LOL”

17 Annoying Things Vegetarians Are Sick Of Hearing

Chomp on lettuce in your face just like this.

10. “But you’re still killing plants.”

17 Annoying Things Vegetarians Are Sick Of Hearing

Please, stop.

11. “You can just peel the pepperoni off of the pizza.”

Have a seat and let me tell you why you’re wrong.

12. “Tofu is disgusting.”

Thank you again for your very important opinion.

13. “Want some of my burger? JK I know you don’t eat meat.”

"Want some of my burger? JK I know you don't eat meat."

It’s been eight years and this joke still is not funny.

14. “What are you going to eat?”

"What are you going to eat?"

Gonna chill over here by the bowl of hummus all night, no worries.

15. “You still eat fish, right?”

If I did, I would’ve told you that I am a pescetarian.

16. “Don’t you feel weak all the time?”

17 Annoying Things Vegetarians Are Sick Of Hearing


17. “So you only eat rabbit food?”

Yep, you just nailed it.

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Why House Hunting is like Online Dating

Recently I have been fairly active on websites such as Spareroom, because I was looking for a new place to move to!


Aren’t we all familiar with the challenges: “I want a big room”, “I hope my house mate isn’t a psycho”, “What if it’s just a scam?”, “What if the walls are pink?”, “What if the house mate OWNS CROCS?”

Crocs and Socks

Nightmare: Crocs and Socks (Source: Sour Popsicle)

That’s when it dawned upon me: house hunting is pretty much like online dating. You don’t know what to expect, the visuals are often photoshopped and have no resemblance with reality. When it comes to the hobbies and characteristics – isn’t everyone laid back and up for fun, spontaneous and into the newest trends out there? Oh, let me post a picture of when I did my ice bucket challenge, so I can prove how cool I am. (I know, the ice bucket challenge isn´t so trendy anymore, how about just a really cool selfie with the cat?!)

Have you ever tried online dating? Tinder, Match.com, eHarmony – does this ring a bell? You might be familiar with the following steps…


1. Find someone who looks hot. First impressions are all about the looks. Are they tall enough, is their hair the right colour? Do they seem happy?

Megan Fox Transformers

Megan Fox in Transformers


2. Read the biography. What can they offer me? What extras do I get out of this?

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum


3. The first message. “Hey, how are you doing? I like the look of you, this is who I am and this is what I have to offer”

Plate of Doughnuts

(Source: Guardian)


4. Praying for a reply. If it’s someone you really like the looks of, keep checking your phone every minute as they might reply to you from a divine intervention.

Lonely Girl

Lonely Girl (Source: Picphotos.net)


5. Let’s take things to the next level! When can I come over to yours?

The Proposal


6. I liked it. Can I come back?

Bachelor Juan Pablo


7. They’re having others round – it’s not exclusive yet. Ouch!

girl on the phone


8. Alright. It seems like you were better than the others at the end. Come and move in with me? Let’s share a bathroom.


(Source: Dogfish Design)


Congratulations! You´ve found the perfect house. Took a while!


Psst. I´ll tell you a little secret: I love my Crocs.

Crocodile Guy

Crocodile Guy (Source: Daily Mail)

‘Pie-scraper’ baked for chompion eaters only: Challengers face a bun fight with the 30,000-calorie burger to top them all

10 cheese burgers, 11-and-a-half pound beef…burger patties contain pies – a skyscraper of 30,000 calories for burger lovers!

Death by burger, that’s what we say.

He’s the extra tree-restrial: Builder never tyres of not having any stairs

This guy made all our secret dreams come true.

Create Your Future With The Law Of Attraction

Are you familiar with the Law of Attraction? Do you sometimes feel like nothing falls into place, and that, when you have a bad day, everything just turns against you? Alternatively – when you feel happy, do you find that everything just works out effortlessly?

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction (Source: http://www.social-consciousness.com)

The Law of Attraction is just like the Law of Gravity, or any other natural law. The fact that we don’t see something, or have immediate results, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

This is a video about one of the most astounding facts about the Universe, taken from an article on Social-Consciousness.com.

You’re not only part of the universe, the Universe is part of you – so why wouldn’t there be a connection?

If you’re familiar with The Secret, you will have heard the principles in this book before, but, it is always good to refresh the knowledge you have and keep in tune with the frequency you want to be on.

Know what I’m talking about? Whether you do, or you don’t: it’s definitely worth a listen. Or a read.


I have decided to put the link to the audiobook on here, because I feel like everyone should know about it.

Praise Lush’s PR Team.

PR at its finest: Lush’s Christopher North Range
Have you tried Lush’s new Christopher North shower smoothie? The product, named after Amazon UK’s MD Christopher North, is Lush’s most recent move against the retail giant damaging the cosmetic brand’s reputation – and a brilliant PR stunt.
Lush Christopher North Shower Smoothie

Lush Christopher North Shower Smoothie

The history in brief: Amazon has sold a range of “misleading” cosmetic products, making customers believe they were Lush products. Lush asked Amazon to take the fake products off their website 17 times, over three years, before taking the battle to court and winning.
The product description of the Christopher North shower smoothie includes a few digs such as “rich, thick and full of it” and is recommended for those with “a recent history of dry dull skin” and flows “straight to your fulfilment centre with its super saver delivery”. Not to forget the remark about Amazon’s controversial tax arrangements: “it’s not taxing to take care of your skin with this product, packed with Amazon Prime ingredients.” Brilliant.

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