Adele’s Best Prank Yet

Adele’s known for her humours, grounded self and a pretty awesome voice. That’s why we love her. Did you know that she’s a really good prankster too?

Below Graham Norton and Adele team up to find the perfect Adele impersonator. Little do the other candidates know that the real Adele might be closer than they think…enjoy!


Track of the Week – Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose has made a “comeback” after having disappeared for a while – but now she sounds better than ever (and yes, we did love her old stuff too). After a tour with Bombay Bicycle Club, the 25 year old singer-songwriter has now released her new singles Our Eyes and Like An Arrow from her upcoming album Work It Out.

We’re excited to introduce you to Like An Arrow, if you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to it yet. It goes down a treat and deserves the title track of the week!



Lucy Rose – Like An Arrow

Track of the Week – Wild Beasts

The wonderful Wild beasts have deserved to be crowned for the Track of the Week and let’s be honest, there’s not much else to say. Apart from enjoy the song.
Delve into the depths of your heart when you listen to the Wild Beasts’ new song ‘Mecca’.

Wild Beasts – Mecca

Track of the Week – Nico & Vinz

Introducing – summery tunes by Nico & Vinz. Turn up the volume and enjoy the sunshine, or reminisce about your last beach holiday, …or even your last holiday love affair and tune into the somewhat more melancholic lyrics.


Nico & Vinz – Am I Wrong

London Grammar at Brixton Academy, 3rd June 2014

London Grammar performed their so far largest headliner in the UK at Brixton Academy on June 3rd, 2014, and we were there! Supported by the vocal wonder Rhodes and the guitar-magician Nick Mulvey, this was certainly one of those gigs where the support acts make you feel like you get three for the price of one.

London Grammar

London Grammar (Source: 

London Grammar caused me a sore jaw in the morning, as I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut, in awe of Hannah’s incredible voice. It’s normal to go to a gig with expectations, but the sheer fact that London Grammar sound even better live (and no doubt, they sound awesome on record) speaks volumes. Unfortunately my 10-second-long recordings on the phone don’t match reality and I therefore won’t post them up here.

Hannah, London Grammar, Brixton Academy 3rd June 2014

Hannah, London Grammar, Brixton Academy 3rd June 2014 (Source:

After starting the show off with Hey Now, London Grammar went on to perform their album If You Wait in a less melancholic way than expected; indeed, the performance was very rhythmic and powerful.

Dot, London Grammar, Brixton Academy, 3rd June 2014

Dot, London Grammar, Brixton Academy, 3rd June 2014 (Source:

Among big hitters like Strong, they also presented their new EP Sights.


Before the grand finale, Metal & Dust, London Grammar went on to play If You Wait, which Hannah got wrong on the piano, so they had to start all over again! It’s nice to see that human element within a successful artist; it’s nice to see that she cares enough to still get nervous!

Dan, London Grammar, Brixton Academy, 3rd June 2014

Dan, London Grammar, Brixton Academy, 3rd June 2014 (Source:


London Grammar’s performance was like being taken away to another dimension. They even arranged an ensemble of strings to support their gig. Hannah’s voice, Dan on the guitar and Dot, playing every instrument on this planet, provided a harmonious and very memorable performance.

If you manage to grab a ticket for one of their shows – go for it! I would highly recommend to go and see them live.



And with regards to the amazing support acts…

Check out Rhodes‘ single Your Soul below.


The second support act was Nick Mulvey, who then joined London Grammar on stage to perform Metal & Dust. As a result, I just had to buy his album First Mind on vinyl. Check out this guitar magician’s song Cucurucu (- he basically is a magician, as every mortal human being would have lost a finger or two, or even an arm, trying to copy his picking skills on the guitar.)


Watch CHVRCHES Live At The Forum London, 14th March

For all of you who love CHVRCHES as much as we do – they have recorded their gig at the Forum in London and you can stream it now!

Check it out here:  CHVRCHES – Live At The Forum London, 14th March


Chvrches – Iain Cook, Martin Doherty and Lauren Mayberry (Source:


Track of the Week – Jungle

This week’s Track of the Week goes to: Jungle!

Their upcoming tour starts off in Oxford on Wednesday – check out the dates and get your tickets. It’s worth going just to see the amazing moves they get out alongside the rattle…uhm, percussions, coconut shaker. Well, you know!

Check out their video, Busy Earnin’ – I’d say it’s new but it’s already been played a fair bit.



Jungle – Busy Earnin’