Pokemon to blame for homosexuality, claims church – SERIOUSLY?

There has not only been an increased number of pollen in the air recently – the amount of stupidity though would probably knock even the healthiest of us out.


(Picture: Pokemon) Provocative drawings, or just a children’s cartoon? (Picture: Pokemon)

A church has allegedly blamed Pokemon for encouraging homosexuality.

Teenagers from the late 80s and early 90s have had their sexuality warped by Ash and his fruity friends, claims a study by the Creflo Dollar Ministry.

It’s preposterous, really, I mean how could anyone picture Pokemon as anything more than just a children’s cartoon?

Take Slowpoke. His name is not at all sexual…

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)

And Bellsprout’s mouth is not at all suggestive.

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)

Beedrill’s hands look nothing like love aids.

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)

And Squirtle’s name definitely doesn’t sound like a genre of porn.

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)

Nor do the weapons Blastoise has strapped to his back look at all phallic.

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)

And whatever Gloom has been up to is definitely not suspicious at all.

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)

Bulbasaur doesn’t look like he has an incredible breast on his back.

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)


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Track of the Week – Jungle

This week’s Track of the Week goes to: Jungle!

Their upcoming tour starts off in Oxford on Wednesday – check out the dates and get your tickets. It’s worth going just to see the amazing moves they get out alongside the rattle…uhm, percussions, coconut shaker. Well, you know!

Check out their video, Busy Earnin’ – I’d say it’s new but it’s already been played a fair bit.



Jungle – Busy Earnin’