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Lovely readers,

The Pink Banana Milk team has been incredibly busy recently with work, going to gigs, complaints to unable phone providers, sleep and sourcing new content. We’ve got a selection of exciting posts in our pipeline so stay tuned!

In the meantime, please enjoy this super sad cat video, as everyone appreciates it here on the internet.


E x

Track of the Week – Wild Beasts

The wonderful Wild beasts have deserved to be crowned for the Track of the Week and let’s be honest, there’s not much else to say. Apart from enjoy the song.
Delve into the depths of your heart when you listen to the Wild Beasts’ new song ‘Mecca’.

Wild Beasts – Mecca

Watch CHVRCHES Live At The Forum London, 14th March

For all of you who love CHVRCHES as much as we do – they have recorded their gig at the Forum in London and you can stream it now!

Check it out here:  CHVRCHES – Live At The Forum London, 14th March


Chvrches – Iain Cook, Martin Doherty and Lauren Mayberry (Source: theguardian.com)


Squidipity – A Short Film About Bioluminescence

Squidipity – sorry, what now?!

Bioluminescence is a chemical process that brings certain substances to glow. Or more specific: “Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism.” (Thank you, Wikipedia)

Now, as you can imagine, we’re looking at a very beautiful thing here – the only challenge for all of you who aren’t equipped with the cameras and filters of a Hollywood director is…how to capture it on camera?

A young and highly talented artist set herself the challenge to record it all on her phone. Oh, and she has also grown glowing bacteria by turning her house into a fishmarket. I bet the smell was amazing. (She’s looking for a new house mate as well – anyone?)

Reflecting a word play on serendipity, this video is a creation of real footage. The outcome seems as perfect as it could possibly be.



And if you’re ‘gagging’ for more, here’s her blog, mixing all the beautiful and…not so beautiful aspects of arts & science: http://leannecd.tumblr.com/ (not for the faint hearted)


Here are some examples of bioluminescence occurring in animals.

Glowing Fish

Glowing Fish (Source: lifescienceconferences.net)

Bioluminescent Squid

Bioluminescent Squid (Source: tufts.edu)


Bioluminescent Jellyfish

Bioluminescent Jellyfish (Source: 72andrising.org)

Meet spider-cat: Feline shows off spider skills climbing up glass door

Spider-pig, Spider-cat – what’s next?

Nothing to see here, just a Cute Dog doing a Handstand

Friday – it’s the weekend! Well. Almost. Enjoy watching this cutie of a Pomeranian!

Create Your Future With The Law Of Attraction

Are you familiar with the Law of Attraction? Do you sometimes feel like nothing falls into place, and that, when you have a bad day, everything just turns against you? Alternatively – when you feel happy, do you find that everything just works out effortlessly?

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction (Source: http://www.social-consciousness.com)

The Law of Attraction is just like the Law of Gravity, or any other natural law. The fact that we don’t see something, or have immediate results, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

This is a video about one of the most astounding facts about the Universe, taken from an article on Social-Consciousness.com.

You’re not only part of the universe, the Universe is part of you – so why wouldn’t there be a connection?

If you’re familiar with The Secret, you will have heard the principles in this book before, but, it is always good to refresh the knowledge you have and keep in tune with the frequency you want to be on.

Know what I’m talking about? Whether you do, or you don’t: it’s definitely worth a listen. Or a read.


I have decided to put the link to the audiobook on here, because I feel like everyone should know about it.