Pokemon to blame for homosexuality, claims church – SERIOUSLY?

There has not only been an increased number of pollen in the air recently – the amount of stupidity though would probably knock even the healthiest of us out.


(Picture: Pokemon) Provocative drawings, or just a children’s cartoon? (Picture: Pokemon)

A church has allegedly blamed Pokemon for encouraging homosexuality.

Teenagers from the late 80s and early 90s have had their sexuality warped by Ash and his fruity friends, claims a study by the Creflo Dollar Ministry.

It’s preposterous, really, I mean how could anyone picture Pokemon as anything more than just a children’s cartoon?

Take Slowpoke. His name is not at all sexual…

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)

And Bellsprout’s mouth is not at all suggestive.

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)

Beedrill’s hands look nothing like love aids.

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)

And Squirtle’s name definitely doesn’t sound like a genre of porn.

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)

Nor do the weapons Blastoise has strapped to his back look at all phallic.

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)

And whatever Gloom has been up to is definitely not suspicious at all.

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)

Bulbasaur doesn’t look like he has an incredible breast on his back.

(Picture: Pokemon) (Picture: Pokemon)


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Man keeps horse on his balcony so thieves can’t steal it

Speechless. Surely pets enjoy hanging out on a balcony as much as humans do?


A Polish man wasn't bothered when he found that the mower had broken down ñ he simply bowed his friend's horse and use that to cut the grass down to size ñ and when he had finished he stored the horse on the balcony. Borys Kozlowski, from Grajewo, in northeast Poland, said: "I didn't want anybody to steal it. It did a great job on the lawn, and I wouldn't leave the lawnmower lying around either." Borys, 48, admits he had left it until the last minute before finally getting round to cutting overgrown grass ñ only to discover that the lawnmower had given up the ghost. He said: "I saw a pal of mine while I was trying to fix it, and he told me I should forget the lawnmower and power of his horse, Dolina. "I thought it seemed like a good idea, and as the horse was only a short way away anyway we went and fetched it and then he left me with the horse tethered in the garden. Another legal short grass, I got some fertiliser as well. "Afterwards he hadn't come back and didn't want anyone to pinch the animal, so took it up stairs and through my flat and left on the balcony." Passerby Jacek Cimoch said: "I was walking down the street when I noticed a horse standing on the balcony of a family house. "I took out my phone and took a photo and put it on Facebook." The horse owner  Jakob Pancesky collection in the short while later said: "He is a bit of a character.  He has never been frightened of anything in his life - you can fire a starting pistol next to him and he would only turn and look at you. I guess a flight of steps was no big deal to him." The horse was led to the balcony for safe-keeping (Picture: CEN)

If you borrowed a mate’s horse the last thing you’d want is to have someone nick it.

So you can understand why Borys Kozlowski marched the animal through his flat and out onto his balcony in Grajewo, Poland.

Borys borrowed the horse, named Dolina, from a friend who recommended he use the animal to cut his front lawn.

After Dolina finished mowing the lawn her owner didn’t arrive on time to collect her. Not wanting to risk leaving her outside unattended, Borys stuck her on the balcony.

A bemused passerby snapped the unusual pic.

‘I didn’t want anybody to steal the horse,’ Borys said. ‘It did a great job on the lawn, and I wouldn’t leave the lawnmower lying around either.’

Which seems fair enough.

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Meet spider-cat: Feline shows off spider skills climbing up glass door

Spider-pig, Spider-cat – what’s next?


Spider-cat, spider-cat, does whatever a spider can…

We all know cats can climb trees, but climbing a glass patio door? Now that’s impressive.

This suction-padded feline was not merely climbing the glass for kicks – its real aim was to get inside the living room.

This switched-on pussycat has got the skills but as we know from the life of Marvel Superhero, Peter Parker: ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’

So will this moggy use its ‘spidey sense’ for good or for evil?

Let’s hope it doesn’t turn its paw to being a cat burglar.

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He’s the extra tree-restrial: Builder never tyres of not having any stairs

This guy made all our secret dreams come true.


Going down: Mr Schlussler lets gravity bring him down to earth (Picture: SWNS) Going down: Mr Schlussler lets gravity bring him down to earth (Picture: SWNS)

It looks like a scene from ET but there’s nothing spaced out about Ethan Schlussler.

The construction worker became so fed up with having to climb up a 8.5m (28ft) ladder to reach his tree house he built a bike elevator.

Mr Schlussler, 23, sits on the saddle and pedals and counterweights, ropes and pulleys lift him straight up.

Up, up and away: Off he goes into the tree house (Picture: SWNS) Up, up and away: Off he goes into the tree house (Picture: SWNS)

Once at the top, he steps off and enjoys a bird’s eye view of the forest. To descend, he hops on and lets gravity take over.

Mr Schlussler, from Sanpoint, Idaho, said: ‘I knew I wanted to build something better than a ladder, and I was talking with a friend about various ideas for a human-powered elevator when he suggested using a bicycle.

Ethan e sits on the saddle and pedals - and a system of weights and pulleys does the rest (Picture: SWNS) Ethan e…

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