All About Capricorn

Let’s learn something about goats today! Actually, following our rant about Taurus and Aquarius, let’s talk about Capricorn.



Capricorns are often described as ambitious, but responsible. …stop judging right away, that doesn’t mean boring (not always, anyway). This earth sign is very disciplined and dependable. However, Capricorn can often be narrow-minded and only see the world in black and white, rather than appreciating the 50 shades of grey, rainbows, and all the other colours there are. Put into context, a lot of Capricorns have a “right” approach and everyone else should be approaching life in the same way as they do. Again – this doesn’t mean that Capricorns don’t have a sense of humour – indeed, you might even get a glimpse of it once you’ve known them long enough (if you haven’t run off before that). Ten years or so should do!

Capricorns can be helpful and generous, but at the same time they’ve got some tendencies to turn into control freaks. Possibly. So – if your house mate is a Capricorn – watch out for the cameras and microphones, they’ll want to know EVERYTHING about you in order to rule the house hold. Make sure you always wear a towel in the shower.

Capricorns often lack confidence in their own attractiveness, which can lead to “people pleasing behaviour”. Now now, little Capricorn – on your journey to rule the world, people pleasing is probably not the ideal path to choose! Indeed, Capricorns are believed to be good people for positions of power, since they stick to what’s right and don’t make any exceptions.

Cheer up little Capricorn, life isn’t all that serious and gloomy!


Date - two cups with hearts


The perfect date for a Capricorn:

Due to a certain lack of spontaneity most Capricorns have, it is recommended to schedule your date approximately 2-3 months in advance. Make sure you abide by all rules there are in society and legislation, best is if you’re a policeman. During your date, do talk about work throughout the whole evening, that way the Capricorn can see that you are determined as well. Also show them that you’re serious about life and your date by bringing along a draft of a contract, in case you ever get married, and show them that you are a reliable and dependable partner by presenting bank statements of the past few years. Just like the other earth signs, Capricorns react a bit slow towards change, therefore ideally get a Beatles-esque haircut and voila – you’ll be the perfect match for the goat.

Astrology – All About Aquarius

Aquarius – the fixed air sign and weirdo of the Zodiac.



This sign is definitely one of the more interesting Sun Signs, and even if Aquarius is your Ascendant or Moon Sign (explained here: Astrology – All About Taurus), it will influence your everyday life. Aquarians really appreciate their own time. In reality they are so detached, their friends won’t even be worried if they haven’t heard from them in weeks. If you spot a person alone at an event, the cinema, a gig – it’s an Aquarius. They usually don’t really mind going by themselves. Yes, they’re very independent, sometimes a bit too much for others to handle.

Aquarians like to talk. Indeed, they always direct the conversation towards a subject they know inside out and then you’ll realise that YOU KNOW NOTHING. Aquarians are very eccentric and it’s like they are the masters of bridging. They are very eloquent people and they like showing it off. They LOVE having different opinions from everyone else. Aquarius likes intelligence a lot, so even if you’re the Hunchback of Notre Dame – just give it a go! As long as you’ve got brains, you’re safe.

Aquarius is a thinker, they like to see things from a different perspective, but because they often wonder how life could have been if they did things differently, they are always searching. A lot of them will be searching all their lives…searching for something that doesn’t exist. Generally, they’re very friendly, happy people though and they make friends easily. Aquarians can be friends with the local bus driver, your dentist or your mum. They like to have different friendship groups instead of just hanging out with the same friends and therefore merge into one person. The perfect job for an Aquarius is somewhere in the humanitarian sector or in communications. Maybe not so much in PR or as representative for a client, they might just turn their back on a client, suddenly feeling the need to rebel.


Aquarius can be found:

– a crowd is protesting for human rights in Namibia: Aquarius is the first one to start the demo off.

– someone’s walking down the road in an outfit not even hippies would have called fashion. That’s the Aquarius.

– sex shops: Aquarians are very playful, hence toys are a must-have…

– the green-head in the crowd!

– independent cinemas: they like to be different!

Aquarius Top 10

Aquarius Top 10

How to grab an Aquarius’ attention:

– be different. No matter in which way. Maybe bring your pet goat with you. Be creative!

– always remain mysterious, so they will always find you interesting – i.e. don’t ever tell them your real name.

– start talking about seemingly weird topics like methane hydrate, they will be fascinated!

Astrology – All About Taurus

All you readers of the daily horoscope…have you ever read “The financial luck is on your side today – invest” and YOU STILL HAVEN’T WON IT?!

We’ll probably agree that every day astrology in newspapers is more entertainment than actual truth. However, I do believe that the constellation of the planets influences certain personality traits when someone is born, i.e. your star sign / moon sign / ascendant.

Quick explanation:

Ascendant (Rising Sign) is how you appear to others when they first see you.

Sun Sign (the star sign most people know) is how you appear to people who know you.

Moon Sign is how you actually really feel about yourself.

Imagine you’re a triple Virgo, you’re screwed for the rest of your life! Or a triple Sagittarius. You’re so detached, you’ll end up living in a cave somewhere in the Outback. On the other hand, if you’re a triple Pisces you’re so sensitive, you’ll never stop crying ever again.

Sometimes the Moon Sign is actually stronger than the Sun Sign etc. get the gist?



So now – I’ll tell you all about individuals with the Star Sign Taurus. Taureans are first and foremost stubborn. Once they’ve expressed an opinion, they will never EVER under any circumstances change it. For example, if they have come to the conclusion, that this flower is red:

blue flowerThey won’t ever admit that it’s actually blue. Okay, to be fair, it really IS red.

Now imagine a bull running up to you, will you be able to stop it? Taureans have their own way. ALWAYS. They are a bit materialistic, they like their possessions. Taureans are also CONSERVATIVE. Well, can be. Don’t ever change anything in the daily routine of a Taurus, or you’ll be their red…flag, tissue, anything really.

The good side is that people born in the sign of Taurus are very loyal to their friends and family. Once you’ve got a Taurus’ loyalty, you can only lose it if you betray them. If you get arrested for murder, no problem, they’ll still be your friend, as long as it wasn’t them you killed. Taurus also likes to enjoy good food (good thing? YES) – well at least someone who appreciates it. It seems like Taureans have been the main customers of Waitrose and Marks & Spencer in the past few years.

The perfect date for a Taurus: 

At home, with a feast of good food and drinks, listening to 50s music on a record player till you fall asleep and are incapable of talking. Don’t forget the candles and lovely scents, but make sure you’ve got fire extinguisher at hand, in case you eat too much and previous case turns into reality. Make sure you smell nice yourself, basically bathe yourself in your neighbour’s rose bushes before you meet up with the Taurus.

One more thing, Taureans LOVE animals. If you surprise them with a little kitten or dog at your first date, they won’t think you’re weird under any circumstances. No, they’ll love you forevermore.

Are you a Taurus?